Wednesday’s Par 3 Tournament

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One of the most frequently asked questions from customers is “Will my Wednesday ticket allow me to see the Par 3 contest?”  That answer is a resounding “Yes”.  The par 3 contest began in the 1960s and is located to the east of the larger course and is about 1,000 yards long.  There is a bit of a stigma associated with winning the par 3 since no one who has won the par 3 has gone on to win the Masters that year.  Thus, there have been several instances when a golfer would be leading the par 3 on the ninth green and intentionally putt into the lake as to not jeopardize his chances the next four days. 

If you will be attending the par 3 this year, I would suggest arriving to the par 3 course around 10:00, placing your chairs where you prefer in order to save that place, go look around the course for a few hours, grab a pimento cheese sandwich and a beer and go back to your chairs around 1:00.  Once the par 3 begins the golfers are no longer practicing since they all (except for Woods) will be playing the par 3 course.