Why the Green Jacket?

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The Green Jacket is now synonymous with the Masters.  Slipping on the jacket is a moment any professional golfer will relish for a lifetime but how did a green jacket become a symbol for the most prestigious golf tournament in the world? 
The tradition of wearing the Green Jacket dates to the late 1930s.  back then the members would wear the jacket during the tourney so patrons could recognize them as members and ask them questions or directions on the course.

According to the tournament’s official website,

“Jackets were purchased from the Brooks Uniform Company, New York City … Members were not initially enthusiastic about wearing the warm, green coat. Within several years, a lightweight, made-to-order Jacket was available from the Club’s Golf Shop. … The single breasted, single vent Jacket’s color is ‘Masters Green’ and is adorned with an Augusta National Golf Club logo on the left chest pocket. The logo also appears on the brass buttons.”

Then in 1949 the Masters Champion began being awarded a Green Jacket as well as being an honorary member.  If you would like to see the 2011 champion try on his jacket, call me at 706-877-7783 and you can see it in person.